Sunday, April 26, 2009

Heading Home

I've had a marvelous time in Utah at the LDStorymakers' Writers Conference, and it was a thrill to present a Lifetime Achievement Award to Kerry Blair at the Whitney Awards Gala. Despite her humility and grace and physical limitations, Kerry is a powerhouse of a woman, and has been appointed the new president of the Whitney Awards Committee. The creator of the Awards, Robinson Wells, is stepping down from the post to devote his time to his family and career.

Soon I'll be heading home. See you later!


  1. My congratulations to Kerry Blair as well. It was great to see you at the conference, Marsha and to get a copy of Trail of Storms. Thanks for all you do to promote and encourage the rest of us writers!

  2. Loved seeing you and was touched and impressed by your speech. Miss you already. big hugs!


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