Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Agony of Indecision

Since I'm self-publishing my novel, I have to pick something wonderful for a book cover. I'm considering the following images, and I'd like input from you all as to which ones I can toss aside and which ones are intriguing to you and would make you pick up a novel for another look. Bear in mind that the title is Trail of Storms, and my name will also need to be on there somewhere.

Row 1, 1-2

Row 2, 3-4

Row 3, 5-6

Row 4, 7-8

Row 4 (5!), 9-10

Please let me know your favorite photo(s) by the numbers indicated in the row labels.
Thank you so much!
Edited to add: ACK! I really do know I have five rows of photos. I started out with four, with three in each of the first three rows, but that didn't work when I published the blog, so I went back in, revised, and relabeled--except the last row! ~Marsha


  1. I vote for Row 4, #10 - the one with the wagon and the storm behind it. Looks like a good one for your novel.

    Good Luck!!


  2. Wow! You're fast! Thanks, Linda.

  3. I like row 4 #10, too, because the colors seem to be more defined. The blue of the sky is great, with the storm moving in, though I would rather have had towering cumulus.

  4. Hey, great minds think alike! Row 4 #10 is my pick too.

    I'm posting as my husband for some weird reason, but this is Tristi. :)

  5. We like that same one with the wagon. The other ones are good but the last one is the one we think would look better for the cover of your book. We hope this means you finally get to publish your book!!
    Wylie and Janice

  6. I'm with everyone else. The others don't look stormy at all to me!

  7. Marsha ~

    Jim and I both like row 4, 10 also. Mainly because it looks older and the other pictures look like recent photographs. By the way, I was showing Jim your two previous covers to refresh his memory of your books, as he has read them, and when I said, "She needs us to vote on a cover page for her new book, TRAIL of STORMS... he said, "Oh great, I bet it will be a good one."

    Take care.

  8. They're all beautiful, but I like row 4 picture 10 the best:o)

  9. I like the image of the wagon . Row 4 . photo 10. I do book covers myself and I do like the wagon. Best Regards, Melanie D. Calvert

  10. Thanks, Liz, Tristi, Wylie, Janice, Lara, Jim, Stephanie, Jewel and Melanie! I'd say that's pretty overwhelmingly conclusive so far. You can't beat a large-format camera for depth and clarity.

  11. The wagon's are the most eye-catching. I love the photo and the expectation of the trail.

  12. Anonymous8:53 PM

    My vote is for 4#10. I thik it best matches your title and the cover art of your other books.

    Joyce S of Tumbleweed Lane

  13. Count me in for Row 4, #10!

  14. Michelle Meltzer9:00 PM

    I like 4-10 as well Marsha. I can see as an excellent cover for your book.

  15. My favorites are 1,2 and 10, in that order.

  16. Row 4 # 10 for me, too. I think it fits well with your title.

  17. Marsha,

    I love the cover in Row 4, #10, as the wagon and the dark blue sky speak to a metaphor of your title -- Trail being the wagon; the darkening sky for Storms.

    As much as I like your other photos (I photograph some of the same type of landscapes), I think you'd be happy with the wagon cover.

    Good luck!

    Alice Trego

  18. Thanks, Gayle, Joyce S and Joyce D, Michelle, Donna, Kathi, and Alice. I appreciate you all taking the time to give me your input.

  19. Great photos Marsha!
    My eyes went straight to row 4 # 10! I see that I am in good company!
    Have fun! I can't wait to read the final product!

  20. Marsha,

    I have to agree that number 10 (the wagons) stands out the most to me as well. 1 through 3 seems too dark and washed out. 4 is too bright. The trees and the road are uninteresting and bland. There aren't any interesting angles or contrasting shapes. Several of the pictures with trees and sky are divided in composition equally in half. The best thing going for the trees is the fact that they are dark and the sky is light, and the trees and the horizon line break up the divide. But #10 has an interesting view, says trail and travel all over it. I don't know what the book is about but the dramatic view of #10 gets me interested. The color is bright and vibrant. Skies are so hard to put on book covers because unless there is a wash of color like a sunset or sunrise, you don't have a lot to work with. Most covers I've seen that use a sky that pull it off successfully have several elements of interest that help pull it together. The wagons do this perfectly! The perspective of the picture adds energy. It also has circles and lines that pop and add contrast. The format follows the rule of thirds. It just has so much going for it that adding a title and author will make it a complete package.

    Good luck!

  21. 1,8,10.

    1, the eye is drawn to the light in the sky. 8, intrigued by where the road will lead. 10, the wagon, of course is great, but it is the slip of brilliant blue sky that calls me. Good luck Marsha!

  22. Hi Marsha,

    I like the sky in picture #3, but picture #10 makes me think of the rough trail/journey they have to make. If I had to vote for just one, I'd go with #10.

  23. I like #2. It feels stormy.

  24. My vote is Row 1 #2 or Row 2 #3.

  25. Hi Marsha - Row 4 number 10 definietly - you could photoshop in a monsoon (maybe sunset) sky for a dramatic, stormy effect - the wagons portray the "Trail" idea - there is also a crispness to the image that I liked.

  26. Me too. Row 4 # 10. Love it. Very dramatic.

  27. They are great photos. But the one with movement and drama is #10 with the wagon. I think it would make an excellent cover.


  28. Marsha -

    4-10 gets my vote also!!
    I love the wagon wheels and the clouds in the background...

    Did you take the picture?
    It's a good one!

  29. michele holmes9:29 AM

    Row four picture ten gets my vote as well. I also like Row 1 picture 2. Great photos. Reminds me of my dad's cabin lot on the rim.

  30. Hi Marsha,
    I like Row 4 #10 also. By far the most dramatic.

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  31. Hi Marsha,

    I love Row 4 #10. It seems to have a story of its own to pull the reader in, and I like the crispness of the colors.

    Best to you,
    Fern J. Hill

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  32. Row 4 # 10 is a fav...although I liked # 2 as well... Ten looks more like a cover for some reason.

  33. Anonymous10:36 AM

    Row 4, #10 - my favorite by far. It's a good, clean image, simple, recognizable, and one I could see being a strong background with text superimposed. The others didn't remind me of anything stormy, and the image themselves seemed almost too warm and friendly for the title.

    Good luck with your publication!

    --Jan Olsen

  34. I like row 4, #8 because of the trail, but the sky should be a little stormy. Ro4 4, #18 is also good. Good luck.

    Gwyn Ramsey

  35. Okay, my fingers aren't working right. The last sentence should read row 4, #10. Darn, I need to slow down today.

  36. Thank you all for your excellent comments. I appreciate you visiting and taking the time to comment. You're the best!

  37. Anonymous12:17 PM

    This is a no-brainer.
    The land/tree photos are okay, pretty, but don't have the impact of the wheels and the vivid sky. Of the possibilities you've presented, #10 is so far out in front, there isn't any contest at all.

  38. Wow! After reading all the other choices (aka Row 4, #10) I almost didn't post mine, but figured you'd perhaps like a different opinion. I liked Row 1, #1. It looked the stormiest to me, while at the same time leaving room for the title and your name.
    After reading everyone saying #10 was their fave, I went back up and studied it. It feels too cluttered to me, especially when I'm wondering where your name is going to be and where the title will be so that they stand out. I suggest that you add your title and name to the top three photos voted for, and then resubmit them for people to vote on, as I believe that could make a huge difference. Since I've had to lay out covers, myself, I know adding text can make a huge difference.
    Good luck with this new project.

  39. I like #10 Marsha. I think people like to see something human or human made despite all the "love of nature." That's why I'd go with the wagon.

    Fairlee Winfield
    Author of BUFFALOED

  40. I voted for #10 too. I haven't read your book, but I'm guessing that a wagon on the cover will at least give an extra clue as to what the story is about. Plus, of course, all the other good points people have made about this one. Good luck!

  41. Carrie5:02 PM

    It looks like I'm not alone in liking number 10, with the wagon. Visually, it's more striking, and isn't that what you're ultimately looking for?!

  42. Wow! I should do a photo poll more often. Thank you all for visiting and giving me your insights.


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