Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Trail of Storms now on

Have you ever had a movie of a book running through your mind?

I don't mean remembrances of scenes from an actual movie, but the movie that plays when you read a novel.

There's an innovative website where you can CAST that movie with your favorite actors. It's called, and Trail of Storms is now ready to take your ideas and run with them.

What I mean is, Trail of Storms in now on, as are The Man from Shenandoah and Ride to Raton.

I've done an author's preferred cast for the first two novels, but haven't had a chance to do Trail of Storms yet. Of course, a few of the cast members will be the same as in past works, but not all! I have a whole new bunch of characters to play with.

Now go join Storycasting, for the movie in your mind.

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