Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I Did My Civic Duty

Although it took me an hour to get out of my park, walk across the highway and up the hill, vote*, then return home, I did it!

Ice-glazed snow, you know. Plus the detour to the dumpster and the mail box. Plus falling once and, not being the most nimble goat on the mountain, struggling to get back up. It wasn't pretty, but at least I didn't hurt myself.

View from the dumpster to my highway destination. On the way there, I slipped just enough to twist and fall on my bum into a snowbank, but I didn't get a picture of the sitzmark. Too bad, y'all!

Coming back along the rutted, icy road. It's much safer to walk in snow, even though it's above your ankles, than to venture out on the ice in the ruts.

I'm not a courageous ice/snow driver, so I'm going to stay home for the next several days until the road through the park is much more passable for my desert-loving vehicle.

* Edited to include a link to my good friend Candace Salima's impassioned plea to vote in the pertinent Republican state primaries today--for whom, and why.


  1. We have snow, snow, snow here in CO. I feel for you and it's definitely safer to walk in snow than on ice (our snow is up to my knees in some places and comes in over the tops of my boots).

  2. You shouldn't have to practically kill yourself to go vote!! I'm glad you aren't hurt.


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