Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Embracing New Things

It's been a busy week since my local UPS driver brought me a ton of cartons of books. Unlike some, I neglected to take a picture of myself opening that first carton and holding up my baby book, Trail of Storms, but I've achieved other significant things.

The most significant thing I've done, besides sending out books to fulfill orders, is to dive deeper into new aspects of communications technology. No, I didn't get an iPhone or upgrade to broadband Internet service (I wish!). Using what I have available, I've joined Goodreads, a book readers' and authors' heaven; and Twitter, a micro-blogging outlet.

I probably shouldn't have heaped on myself the learning curves to participate in Goodreads and Twitter in the same week as receiving the books, but sometimes life is like that: you get lulls or you get slammed by life's happenings.

Since all these happenings have been positive experiences, I'll take them without complaint!

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