Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"Be Prepared" is not just for Boy Scouts

I have to make this quick, as I have a class at 2 p.m., but I wanted to pop in here from my retreat to urge writers and other artisans to always be prepared to make a sale.

I'm at a retreat for members of TOPS - Take Off Pounds Sensibly - and for talent night, I asked if I could do a reading from one of my novels. The director said yes, and since I had copies in my car, I was able to find an appropriate passage to read.

I always carry copies of my books, but I wish I'd brought more. Although I hadn't intended to sell books here, all of them are gone!

Be Prepared!


  1. That's AWESOME! I am so happy for you...being prepared IS ALWAYS A GOOD THING!!!!

  2. Thanks, Sassy! I agree.

  3. That must have been fun! Bring plenty to Storymakers!


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