Monday, August 07, 2006


Yesterday afternoon I saw the rainbow again.

This isn't just your ordinary rainbow. Oh no! This one comes down from the clouds and rests right on my community, no matter which direction I'm traveling on the highway.

I first saw it a few weeks ago, bursting in brilliant ROYGBIV splendor through a curtain of gentle rain. How curious that its end didn't move as I twisted and turned along the road. When I arrived in my neighborhood, there it still was, tip resting this side of the hill to the east.

I've been half-heartedly looking for another place to live--one with a larger house, property attached, and room for a shed (or one already existing). Less than 800 square feet doesn't fit me and all my "stuff." While I recognize that much of my stuff is junk and paperwork for bygone projects, some of it is semi-necessary in my life. Some of it is even vital, thank you very much, like the food storage I have in a storage locker in Mesa, AZ. It won't fit in my little mobile home, even behind the sofa. And since the sofa is located in what the mobile home industry fondly calls a "pop-out," I have nightmares of the weight of 14 cases of food products tipping the place over. Probably irrational, but what writer thinks like a rational human being?

But I digress.

I've kinda discussed my housing dilemma with the Lord. I haven't gotten to the point of demanding that He show me the way yet, just throwing up a few timid "do you think I should move?" queries.

I regularly comb the real estate listings in my community, but since it has become a summer home and retirement destination, the availabilities are a bit out of my price range. Another community down the road about 5 miles has some possibilites. I keep looking at them, but I haven't contacted the listing agent to go examine them yet.

You see, this rainbow keeps showing up, with its end in my hamlet. Maybe the Lord is sending me a half-hearted message to stay put?


  1. Hey. How's it going? Katt here. Just thought I'd leave a message saying hi. That rainbow sounds cool. Came down in CC?

  2. It sounds like a beautiful rainbow, Marsha, and while I'm not an expert on signs, I'd say, maybe give this one some thought.

  3. Hi Katt,

    Yes, the rainbow came down here, no matter which direction I faced on the highway. Pretty cool, huh?

  4. Tristi,

    Thanks for the advice.

    If I simply go along and don't do anything, I'll be fine, I guess. I have enough to do--what with moving the store and finishing my next book--to keep me busy, anyway.


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