Sunday, July 30, 2006

WIP Progress Report

I worked on my novel today, and here's why. Something author Jennie Hansen said in a blog comment on another site stirred my heart and made me realize that Yes, I have a gift from on high, and Yes, it is a calling, and Yes, I have to share it. So, I write when my characters tell me what they want to do. Even if they tell me on Sunday.

So far, I'm not making any money from my books, although I expect that I will someday. At that point, I will probably feel the need to refrain from Sunday writing, but at this point, it's still a calling. Besides, everyone's always calling me to finish this book. You can't imagine how guilty I feel when I don't write, because people at my church, as well as people in the community and all over the nation, keep bugging me to finish my novel. They have read about, enjoyed, and identified with my characters, and THEY WANT MORE!!!!

That's a neat feeling, by the way: to have your words be in demand. One of my most cherished moments was when a reader emailed me that my first book made her want to be a better wife. YES! (pumping arm) This, from a women who had never read a "Western" in her life. My doctor goes on and on about the theme of redemption in my second novel. (I'm glad he pointed out all the symbolism to me, heh-heh.)

Oh, I'd better give my word count, since this is a progress report: 1068! I'm nearing 80% of my goal! I might have written more, but I was having trouble breathing until I slapped myself upside the head and said, "It's your annual asthma attack, silly!" After using my inhaler, I was so shaky that I couldn't type, so I quit.

Hey, can I count the words in this report?


  1. I count words in my blog toward my weekly goal. It may be cheating, but hey, it's words! Congrats on the progress, Marsha!


  2. Hey Marsha,

    When is that next book coming out? I'm waiting to read it! :)

  3. Thanks, Annette. I need to write just over 2500 words today to make my goal. Then I need to keep writing, 'cause Tristi just added herself to the buggers. Oh, did I say that? It may have a naughty connotation. Sorry, Tristi. I meant "those who bug me about my novel progress."


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