Saturday, February 13, 2016

Sample Saturday: The Zion Trail is launching next Friday!

Yes, my new novel, The Zion Trail, is "dropping" next Friday, February 19th. Want to make sure you receive it? It's ready to pre-order at these online vendors, so get your copy reserved now:

Here's an endorsement a fellow writer gave the book:

“In The Zion Trail, Marsha Ward weaves an intriguing tale of a young man’s journey in faith. From an unexpected beginning in Pennsylvania, Elijah Marshall travels through heartbreak to cross the American plains to claim his purpose in life. While the story illustrates the early history of the LDS church, the message is one of personal triumph through perseverance. The relationships kindled throughout the book lead through unimaginable trials, culminating in a most satisfying resolution that you won’t want to end.”
~Carolyn Steele, author of Soda Springs and Willow Springs

Today's brief tidbit shows one of the relationships Mrs. Steele talks about: that of Lije and his younger sister, Mary Eliza.

By the time Pa dismissed us to go about our assigned tasks, Mary Eliza had awakened and gotten herself to the table. She had a cold bowl of porridge before her, into which she had slopped a healthy portion of milk. Her hair hadn’t been combed and hung halfway into her face. I chuckled and patted her on the head as I proceeded on my way outside, and felt her squirm under my hand.

“Lije,” she protested. “Don’t mess my hair.”

I squatted to look into her face. “You look beautiful, Pumpkin,” I said. “Eat hearty. We’re going on an adventure.”

“A ‘venture, Lije?”

“You’ll see tomorrow,” I told her, and left her with those teasing words hanging in the air.

Remember to reserve your ebook copy of The Zion Trail at these online retailer's stores:

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Sample Saturday: The Zion Trail is getting ready for Launch Day

So, it's "next month" now and The Zion Trail is almost ready for Launch Day. "And when is that?" you ask.

And I answer: "Soon. Very soon. But the first folks to get that info are the Subscribers to my Readers Mailing List." See that box over there? --->

That's where you subscribe, so, you know, you are the first to get the word - and to learn about the special offer!

I can't hold on to the release of all that yummy goodness to my Mailing List much longer, folks. I'm looking to send it out on Monday, so this is your last chance to sign up before I hit the "Send" button!

Here is the REAL cover for the ebook. I jumped the gun with what I thought was the final version last week, but this one is the real deal. Pretty, huh?

Today's Sample is the tidbit below, featuring part of the book description and part of an awesome endorsement by author Loralee Evans. The print depicts Fort Bridger, one of the final mercantile stops along the Mormon Trail.

I have more endorsements coming in, some of which will make it onto the back cover of the print version coming out in March.

Go put your email address in that box and hit the Subscribe button. Now. Then check your inbox for the confirmation message.

See you next week!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sample Saturday: The Zion Trail

Welcome to Sample Saturday!

I'm pleased to report that formatting is finished for the ebook version of The Zion Trail, and it only lacks some "publisher" work before it is released next month. See that box over to the right? The one that says, "Enter your email address..." That is where you subscribe to my Readers Mailing List so you will be among the first to learn the Launch Date of this brand new novel.

Am I excited? Maybe not as much as when the house on the hillside behind my house burned to the ground on Tuesday night, but that's a different kind of excitement (more like terror).

Instead, I am excited in a good way.

I'm also excited that the final version of the ebook cover is finished. Here. It. Is:

See the tag line? Guess what that means.

Enough suspense. Here's the sample for today. The Marshall family is about to make a huge change in their lives:

Late one night I awoke to use the chamber pot and heard my mother sobbing to my father that she could no longer bear to live here. The next morning, he presented us with a plan: instead of continuing to figure out how to plant crops this season, at the end of March we would gather to Zion, which meant we would begin a journey to Nauvoo, Illinois, on the banks of the Mississippi River.

Oh, the fuss and feathers that flew over that scheme! Sarah refused to go, crying the night through and arising with swollen, red eyes and a severe attitude not much mended by sleep. I had no patience with her. Taxed by all that had occurred, even the thought of losing my field did not deter my hope that another place—any place—would be better than this one.

Pa and John and I bore the brunt of carrying out the plan in the limited time until March thirty-first. Ma was still too weak to participate in much of the work, Mary Eliza was too young, and Sarah refused to perform any labor having to do with our removal. Accordingly, Pa tasked me with many kitchen chores. I therefore learned to accomplish many housewifely chores, and didn’t regret a minute of it.

John found my cheerfulness in the kitchen to be strange, and ragged me about it unmercifully. I didn’t care. I was desperate to get to Zion. If cooking and cleaning up and doing whatever I could to make it possible was unmanly, I simply did not care. Who was to notice? We had no visitors, no nearby kin, no one to wonder at my unnatural education in kitchen skills.

Only one thing chafed me: sharing kitchen time with Sarah. Although I wondered where my former compassion for my sister had gone, I had grown impatient with her constant haranguing against my faith, and her adamant refusal to obey our father. In my mind, she lived under her father’s roof; therefore, she owed him obedience.

Okay, what do you think is going to happen next?

Go sign up for the Readers Mailing List over there at the top of the right sidebar. See you next week!

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