Thursday, August 10, 2006

A Random Thought

A fact from the Old West is that a cowboy didn't like to do any job that he couldn't accomplish from the back of a horse. If the foreman asked him to dig post holes for a new fence, he would grumble/swear about it all day long, although he usually would do the job, however reluctantly.

Today I switched pharmacies, mainly because my new choice has a drive-up window (as well as longer hours--it's even open weekends). You see, I don't want to get off my horse.

It takes a few minutes and extra effort to park, get out of my car, go into the store, stand in line, and pay for my purchase. How much simpler it is to stay in my car at the drive-up window!

Some things never change.


  1. I love your comparrison of your horse to the car and how we think now! Love, Janet T in Utah!

  2. I probably should have said that cowboys generally didn't like that sort of work. There surely were one or two men who would do whatever was asked without whimpering. :-)



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