Saturday, December 21, 2013

3 Last-Minute Gifts for a Writer

My children always ask what I want for Christmas, because I've arrived at a time in my life when I really don't have a need for more electronic playthings, apparel, perfume, or jewelry.

ADD runs in our family, which leads to last-minute gift-shopping. When I was approached with the Question recently, I dug deep to find a few things that might suit other writers, as well as myself, as a last-minute Holiday gift

My thirst for knowledge never ceases. This means I love books, in whatever format. Suggestion number one will be:

1. A Book. Find out the genre your favorite writer enjoys. Even better, discover their favorite author. Go buy a book, paper or electronic. Most e-book vendors provide a way to send someone a gift. Some allow you to have it delivered on the date of your choice!

Impulse buying, or buying something upon receiving a recommendation, is a common trait of writers, especially fiction writers (ADD runs in the family of writers, too). Suggestion number two is:

2. A Gift Card. Find out if your writer has a smart phone or tablet, and the type it is. iPhone? Get an iTunes card for music-to-write-by or a new app. Android? Google Play Store. Don't know? An Amazon card is nifty! If all else fails (and your writer doesn't have an aversion to the place), gift a card from WalMart or another general purpose store. If you know your writer eats out, determine what restaurants exist in their location, and give a gift card for an eatery.

Writers always have a need for office supplies. If your last-minute quest for a gift is in the nature of a stocking-stuffer (or even if it's not), think about what the writer needs on a daily basis. My third suggestion is:

3. A Ream of Paper. I asked for this once, and my father-in-law actually delivered on my suggestion. I was delighted and grateful. If your writer doesn't print out manuscripts like I do for final edits, what about a Journal? A simple composition book will suffice, although something with a beautiful cover can inspire. If you're desperate, a box of paper clips, or push-pins, or an ink cartridge of the proper number will most probably be well received. Or how about a nice pen to go with that Journal, hum?

I hope these suggestions get your brain working to find that perfect gift for your writer friend or family member. Please let me know if you use them, and how well-received your gift was.

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