Sunday, December 29, 2013

Successful Goal-Setting My Way

I'm not usually a goal-setter with serious intent. But sometime before last year, I came across someone's plan that I decided to adapt for myself in 2013. Hers included many, many categories: Life, Health, Family, Work, etc. I decided to focus principally on my writing and associated activities. I came up with three categories within that broad realm: THINGS I WANT TO ACCOMPLISH IN (year), EVENTS I WILL ATTEND AND/OR PRESENT AT, and THINGS I COMMITTED TO DO.

Actually setting down these goals for 2013 in a viewable form enabled me to do far more than I had expected as I reviewed the goals and worked toward them, so I have continued my progress by making a list for 2014.

The first bunch of goals for the coming year have mostly to do with the act of writing or furthering my writing business, and list the works I will write or finish, the books and ebooks I will re-publish, and other such things as possibly working on audio books.

The second grouping lists the conferences I will attend, and although I'm cutting back drastically in 2014, gives some alternatives in case finances loosen up.

The third batch lists my commitments: things I must write, my newsletter, blog schedule, and something else I must do for an organization.

Perhaps during the next year I will get the process of carrying out my goals down pat, and can include other areas of my life in my goals for 2015.

What process do you use to set and carry out long-term goals?

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