Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Zion Trail - Sample Saturday

Welcome back to Sample Saturday. Lije Marshall and the family continue their preparations for their trip.

Before noon rolled around, we had readied the wagon and put both horses in harness. John led them to the front of the house while I went to the kitchen to tell Ma we were ready.

"What will you wear, son?" she asked, looking me over. "Those clothes will do for travel, but there's the matter of the service to consider."

I slapped my forehead and climbed the ladder to get my Sunday duds. I wrapped them inside my bedding, then performed the same task for John, tying our bundles closed with bits of string. When I'd brought them down to the ground floor, I went to say my goodbye to Pa.

He sat up in bed, propped against two pillows. I wondered if he should be upright, but perhaps he would get into a more restful position once we had left.

At his invitation, I hugged him with care, then shook his hand. I saw a curious hunger in his eyes as he kept my hand in his.

"I wish I were going with you, son. Pay good heed at the preaching." He gripped my hand firmly, then released it, and I understood he hungered for spiritual sustenance.

"I will, Pa," I assured him, and took my leave.

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