Saturday, June 20, 2015

Sample Saturday - Something totally different

Welcome to Sample Saturday. From time to time I get the hankering to bust out of my usual routine and do something a bit different. That's how I feel as I'm setting this post up, so here's a thing I don't usually do. I'm announcing future plans.

When I finish writing The Zion Trail, I will work on a piece that will fit in the "Owen-verse" after Gone for a Soldier.

I call it "a piece" because I don't know the length yet, and the "Owen-verse," shorthand for the "Owen Family Universe," refers to works that specifically fit within "The Owen Family Saga," and works that are somehow related, but don't deal with the principal family members. Clear?

For example, The Zion Trail actually is a distant part of the "Owen-verse," since Elijah Marshall and Julia Owen are first cousins. However, I don't plan any characters to cross over from the Saga, nor will I label it an Owen story.

With all that said, I'm undecided on how to label companion works to indicate they are connected to the Saga, but not part of the Saga. If I call something "An Owen-verse Story" or "An Owen-verse Novel," would you understand what I mean?

I'm open to suggestions.

Back to my plans. The new piece will deal with a character from Gone for a Soldier who is not an immediate family member. I trust the story will bring the character hope and happiness. And since this is Sample Saturday, I'll give you a sample of artwork for the cover.

Thanks for coming. I'll have a regular sample for you next week.

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