Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Spinster's Folly: The Dream is Alive!

Spinster's Folly has now been published both in ebooks, at and, and in a print edition, available right now at The print version will be on soon, so watch for it (although I earn a better royalty if you get it at CreateSpace).

I'm very happy that this book is finally available in all versions. It will slowly make its way forward, out to all the online booksellers. In a few weeks' time, you can even urge your local bookstore to carry it, if you give the buyer the International Standard Book Number. It soon will be in the Ingram Book Company pipeline (they are the major distributor this side of the pond), as well as other entities, and should have wide distribution.

What is the International Standard Book Number or ISBN?


Armed with that number, my name, the book title (Spinster's Folly), and the word Ingram, you might try asking not only bookstores, but your library to order it.

Do you have anything to lose but a few minutes of your time?

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