Thursday, November 15, 2012

Day 12 - Blog Book Tour for Spinster's Folly

I'm happy to direct your attention today to Alethea Williams's blog,  Actually Alethea, where she's hosting a guest post I wrote, featuring a visit with my main character, Marie Owen. I know both Alethea and Marie would love to have you visit, and comment, if that strikes your fancy.

I'm adding a couple of links to this post here, so you can find Spinster's Folly online, to purchase in either a print book or as an ebook. I will have autographed and personalized print books to sell from my website in approximately two weeks.

Print | Smashwords eBooks | Kindle  

The Smashwords site has Spinster's Folly in all the ebook formats, and they are available worldwide.

Thanks for lending me your eyes.

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