Saturday, July 16, 2011

Spinster's Folly, Chapter 12

It's been quite a while since I posted anything from my manuscript. Although I'm not back to work on it yet, I did print it out today so I could review it before I begin writing again next week.

Here's a scene from where I left off before my Great Hospital Adventure:

Marie's stomach roiled with nerves as she backed down the loft ladder. She carried her shoes in her hand, hoping her stocking feet would make less noise on the floor. There was one plank to be avoided at all costs; it would shriek if she stepped on it. Although she could hear Pa's regular snores, if he heard that plank! Well, she'd be discovered, and all her plans would be for naught.

She was safely halfway across the floor when she remembered she needed her sunbonnet, or her face would suffer a recurrence of the burn it received on her trip to the Cuchara land. Even though Mrs. Bates's sweet leather clasp would keep her hair in order, it would not help with the sun.

Restraining a sigh, Marie finished her trek to the door and placed her shoes beside the wall. Then she retraced her steps across the room and up the ladder. Feeling her way in the darkness deeper than stove soot, she found the article and put it on her head, tying the strings under her chin. This severely restricted her sight to the sides, but at least she would have the bonnet when she needed it tomorrow.

In her haste to get back to the door, she almost stepped on the squeaking floorboard, but stopped herself in time, rocking in her abrupt halt, and holding her breath as Pa snorted in his sleep.

Would he awake? Was her escape to be thwarted? She didn't dare breathe until the sonorous exhalations became regular again. Then she let out her breath slowly, sidestepped to avoid the villainous board, and resumed her trip across the room.

Now, to get out the door. The hinges sometimes made noise, but Marie hoped the oil she had put on the leather that afternoon would keep that from happening. She picked up her shoes, took a shuddering breath, and pulled the latch.

The wooden stop lifted, the door opened soundlessly at her touch, and then, she was free!

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