Saturday, July 16, 2011


Some of you--probably those of you who have checked this blog in vain for new material over the last couple of months--know that I had what was essentially emergency surgery at the beginning of June. That has had a profound impact on my lifestyle and ability to do just plain stuff for the last six weeks. Although I am not back 100% yet, I'm feeling much better, and able to do more in a day than say, just last week.

I'm getting cranky and ornery, and that's always a good sign of recovery. I hope I won't get too out-of-control before good sense prevails again, and I become my previously good-natured self.

Hang in there with me. I've got some blog tours and book reviews coming up, and I look forward to working on my manuscript again very soon.

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  1. I have been away myself—but mine is just pure darn lazy. I edit and write but lately I edit and call it good, no writing. Hang in there and keep getting better, maybe I will recover and post something by the time you are back to your ornery self. (Sounds like it will not be too many days)


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