Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Writer Appreciation Week

Agent Nathan Bransford has proclaimed this Writer Appreciation Week. It's a good idea, and I encourage you to implement it by showing your appreciation to your favorite writer, living or dead.

One way you can accomplish this, if your fav is living, is by seeking out their online presence and sending them a message of gratitude. Do they blog, have a Facebook, Goodreads, or Twitter account, book trailers posted on YouTube, or have a contact process on their website? Spread the love. Tell them how much you admire their work. If you blog, write a book review or a love letter. Go to and make a comment on an author's books.

And that brings up books. Have you bought one this week? Go do it!


  1. Thanks, Marsha! Great ideas! I'll get right to work!

  2. Writer Appreciation Week. What a great idea. Someone should tell Denney's. Maybe they'll offer us free breakfast.

  3. Great idea! Since you're one of my favorites, here's my message to you: thanks for all you do, Marsha. You're wonderful!

  4. You've inspired me Marsha; I will do something literary this week to honor one of our own! And as Lori said, thank you for the uplifting writing you do....

  5. Be free with your appreciation! Write a comment on Amazon. Buy a book at Barnes & Noble. Send an email to someone who writes.

    Thank you all.

  6. Great ideas! September is National Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month! I blogged about it on September 1 on While I love National Ice Cream Day, I especially love days that honor writers! :) Thanks for all you do, Marsha!

    Trina Boice

  7. Marsha-
    You're a fabulous writer, and I love your books!
    I also appreciate your kind promptness in answering my questions when I was just a young, up and coming author. You're my mentor... and my twin!


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