Monday, March 10, 2008

Stamps, Stamps, and More Stamps

Postage, that is.

You all know the cost of mailing a bill or a letter will go up by one cent in the US in May. I don't recall the exact date, but it's May for sure.

Let's see. Last year the postage went up, too, right? I'm informed that the changes are going to happen on May 12, and every May thereafter!

Due to all the postage increases in past years--and it seems like, nay, it's verily truth, that it's happening every year--I have an awe-inspiring, eclectic collection of postage stamps on hand. I'm not talking about a collector's collection. I'm saying I have this two-box supply of stamps of every denomination you can think of.

I have one cent, two cent, a couple of three cent, four cent, five cent, ten cent, 17 cent, 22 cent, 23 cent, 29 cent, 32 cent, 33 cent, and on and on and on up to 57 cent stamps in my boxes. I have an unopened roll of 29 cent stamps, several Yoda stamps, a couple of 80 cent stamps, and even a dollar stamp. I also have a ton of 41 cent Forever stamps that the PO claims won't ever go out of style.

I may cover the entire envelope with stamps, but as long as I can get my hands on one cent stamps, I figure I'm good to go making up the right postage on my future cards, letters, and any bills I can't pay automatically or online.

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