Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Where did 2019 go?

As I sit here at my computer with New Year's Eve looming ahead of me, I have to wonder where the year 2019 went, and what I did therein.

I surely didn't publish any books!

I've spent time this afternoon reviewing goals for 2019 and looking at goals for next year, and realized that I did write and submit a story to an anthology, which was published by other people in September. But my own company did not publish in 2019. However, I spent much of the year working on what I expected to be a short story, which revealed itself to be a novel when it blew right past the novella stage. I hope I'm in the final stages of writing the novel. I've been happy to see the story unfold and the characters come to life.

I have to acknowledge that part of the year was spent recovering from illness and injury. Many other months were spent working on a reasonable solution to a failing computer.

It is a tremendous amount of work to preserve and to transfer as many files as I have, and to learn an upgraded operating system, which meant researching, acquiring, and using new software to deal with old processes. I believe that obstacle has been passed, and look forward to a smooth computer path for 2020.

I hope your path through life is smooth and accompanied with much happiness in 2020!

All my best!

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