Thursday, May 22, 2008

Strange Weather

Calendar - 2008 - check
Month - May - check
Day - Thursday - check
Date - 22nd - check
Weather - freezing rain, hail, snow, rain - check?
Music - Bolero, played at a deafening level to drown out the thunder - check


  1. It has been strange weather all month but I'm loving the weather today. It's raining here in Mesa.

    Cute way to set up you comments... check!!

  2. I love the cooler weather! Too bad it can't last!
    Marsha, I have gone private, if you would like an invite, please email me at
    Enjoy the smell of the pines and the rain, my two favorite smells, well besides new babies and homemade bread...

  3. We've reached 95ish the past few days. Ug!


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