Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Natural Disaster

I've blogged with pictures over here (click and you'll go to a new browser page) about a major highway-closing landslide that took place this weekend while I was out of town. I suppose in the long run, it's just a minor--though potentially long-term--inconvenience to me and to the people in the area where I live. It will probably drive up prices, though. And instead of thinking of running down to the Valley on a quick trip to go shopping, we may have to head up the hill to Flagstaff, instead. The detours necessary to reach Phoenix or Mesa will almost double the time investment, not to mention the cost of gasoline.

Coincidentally, I read a piece in a local newspaper about how a trip along the original highway between here and the Valley took a minimum of eight hours--over winding, unpaved trails where the norm was to expect at least one flat tire and the possibility of the radiator boiling over. Very interesting.

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