Tuesday, March 25, 2008

LDStorymakers' Conference--Saturday Classes

On Saturday, I attended the four breakout sessions as well as the panel on getting an agent. The first class was on self-publishing, given by Jewel Adams and me. We discussed the reasons and book-types that best suit self-publishing, the available options, and why each of us chose self-publishing. We also told about how to get editing done, book and cover design options, and publicity and distribution avenues. We had a blast!

The second class I went to was given by Tristi Pinkston and Candace Salima on the power of Internet promotion. Tristi covered blogging, online reviews, and virtual book tours. Candace talked about podcasting. She then introduced the topic of book trailers, and we got to see the premier of a book trailer done by a new company, ReelLine Productions dba LDS Bookscreeners, for James Dashner's new book in "The 13th Reality" series, The Journal of Curious Letters. Or is it the other way 'round? Anyway, what an exciting concept! We also saw an interview with Candace herself by the same company. A guest speaker from yourLDSneighborhood.com finished up the class.

Gordon Ryan presented on writing historical fiction. He emphasized that historical fiction is written about people, places, and human drama, not history, pointing out that ancient people were not stupid just because they didn't know about Broadband Internet access. Choose a period of history that you know or like or want to learn about, he counseled. A sub-genre of historical fiction is alternate history.

Research is not just for historicals, said Julie Coulter Bellon and Michele Paige Holmes. Their class included tips on how to research, where to find resources, how to store and organize the gathered material, and when to quit! I found their ideas to be most helpful--although I do write historical fiction.

I had a lot of fun and highly recommend this writers conference. King Jeff announced that information for the 2009 LDStorymakers writers conference would be up on the website on December 1st, so if you get the chance to save up the money to attend next year, don't let the opportunity pass you by!

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  1. Wasn't the weekend totally fun? It was so great to see you, Marsha!


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