Thursday, July 20, 2006


Originally written on: 12 Sep 2005

Yesterday as I was driving to Church, a squirrel ran across the road. I thought to myself, Hmmm, I wonder if there's any superstition about a squirrel crossing the road in front of you? I decided that for me, it would mean good luck is coming my way. On my way home from Church, the little squirrel was by the side of the road, lying on its back, stiff as a board. Crossing the road certainly wasn't good luck for the squirrel! No, no! I didn't run over it!

This morning I heard footsteps on my roof. About a month ago, my home teacher and the branch president were up there rolling some kind of plasticizing goop on my roof to stop the leaks (it worked!). I got up to see if they were back for some reason. Nope, there was no ladder leaning against the porch. I waited for a moment, then saw the shadow of a squirrel jumping from my roof to my neighbor's roof. More indications of good luck? It surely must be! But who would have thought a tiny squirrel made as much noise on my roof as a human?

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