Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sample Saturday - July 12, 2014

Welcome to Sample Saturday. In this piece from Gone for a Soldier, the Owen Family Saga novel that will be released later this year, Rulon Owen writes home about his activities with the army.

March 13, 1862
In Camp, Warrenton Junc. Via.
My Dearest Wife,

My joy upon hearing our blessed news new no bounds when I recved your letter the past week. I wood have ritten you at the time to thank you for producing a fine heir, but circumstances with the Enemy prevented me taking pen in hand.

The Yankees have come up in such numbers that our general Johnston decided to remove the army from the thret. As a consequence, many suplys had to be destroyed, along with a mountain of private soldiers baggage. Oh Sugar, the smell of bacon burning about drove us mad. Also grain was set afire to keep it from the Yankies hands. Flour broken from barrls and heeped on the ground resembld a strange snowfal. I warrant we wil rue the day we had to waste these provisions, but we had no way to carry them off from Manassas Junc.

My little Wife, I miss you with all my heart. Conserve your health in all ways. Kiss my Dear Son upon his brow and tell him of my boundless affection for him.

I remain, yur husband,
Rulon Owen


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Bestselling author Marsha Ward wrote the novella, Faith and the Foremen, in the Timeless Romance Anthology Old West Collection. She is the author of an acclaimed novel series featuring the Owen family. Her last published book, Spinster's Folly, won the 2013 USA Best Book Award for Western Fiction, and recently was named Finalist in Western Fiction in the 2014 International Book Awards. A former journalist, Ward has published over 900 articles, columns, poems and short stories. She is the founder of American Night Writers Association, a.k.a. ANWA.

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