Friday, July 11, 2014

Fresh Book Friday - Glimmering Light

Title: The End Begins: Glimmering Light
Author: Margot Hovley
Genre: Young Adult
Publisher: Covenant Communications
Date of Publication: March 2014

Despite the looming threat of terrorism, Amélie's safe arrival in Salt Lake City should have been the triumphant conclusion to her harrowing journey. With the promise of a future with her true love, Zack, she finds a glimmer of light amidst the bleak unrest of the nation. But Amélie and Zack quickly realize their journey is far from finished. With the nation's power grid still compromised and enemy forces drawing closer, Utah is no longer a safe haven it s time to move on. And this time, they find themselves forced apart as they embark on separate missions that will test their endurance and threaten all they hold dear. Amélie can only wonder: does Missouri truly hold the key to their deliverance, or will they be forced to run forever?

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Author Bio:
Margot Hovley was raised in rural Washington State, where she worked as a girl pig-herder and champion produce box-maker. She now lives and plays in Utah with her big family. When she's not storytelling, she's hanging out with family, teaching music to the somewhat-willing, and fooling with techy gadgets. She loves hiking, traveling, and concocting adventures.

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An exciting end-of-times novel!

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