Friday, November 30, 2012

The Lonely Number One

Somebody used to sing about One being the loneliest number (I'm sure one of you will recall who it was and leave me a comment, right?). I looked around my blog the other day and realized that I have 199 Followers.

Yikes! "One is the loneliest number..." So I thought I would appeal to you to drag someone new over here to Follow me so I can have an even number over there in my sidebar. I do so like even numbers. Odd numbers are so...odd.

Except in the case of Whitney Award Nominations. The minimum required number of those so that Spinster's Folly may even begin to be considered for a Whitney Award is Five. Therefore, I like the odd number Five.

I haven't yet been informed that Spinster's Folly has been nominated for consideration for a Whitney Award, so I'm left to surmise that there are not yet five brave souls out there who have enjoyed Spinster's Folly enough to step up and click on the link over there to the right. (The graphic for the link looks like this.)

I know how difficult it is to remember to do something, especially at a busy holiday time. Sheesh! I'm afflicted with the condition known as ADHD, after all. However, only the readers out there, in this instance, YOU, can click the link and put Spinster's Folly into contention for this award. I can't do it. I'm the author. I can't even PAY to enter, nor not pay to enter the Whitney Award lists. Only a reader may do that.

You can read a bit about who can receive the Whitney Award in my sidebar, or click the link and navigate in the site to the rules and About to learn about the lengthy judging process and so forth to acquaint yourself with what a Whitney is and why I'm lusting after, er, wishing that I might at least feel good about being nominated for having written what some people have said is a decently enjoyable novel in Spinster's Folly.

(gasping for breath)

Thank you.

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