Thursday, November 03, 2011

15 Lovely Blogs (Because I Received a Blog Award)

Sweet Joyce DiPastena of JDP News has awarded Writer in the Pines the "One Lovely Blog Award." Thank you, Joyce! You're so kind.

In order to accept the award, I have to share seven random facts about myself. Here they are:

1. I'm busy moving house.
2. I haven't cooked a Thanksgiving Turkey in about six years.
3. I like murder, mayhem, and madness, but only in fiction--and Allstate Insurance ads.
4. I find it hard to fall asleep unless I'm listening to an audio book.
5. I love candy corn, but it's usually only available around Halloween.
6. I possess WAY too many books.
7. I'm often alone, but rarely lonely. You see, I have voices in my head.

Now, here's my list of fifteen lovely blogs. I hope you will visit them and say hello to the lovely bloggers who write them:

Murphy's Law (Heidi L. Murphy)
Ranee' S. Clark
A View from the Other Side of the Hill (Laurie "L.C." Lewis)
Stephanie Says So (Stephanie Abney)
Kristy's Stories (Kristy Tate)
Canda's InkBlast (Canda Mortensen)
Requisite Respite (Susan Knight)
mudrock and pink nail polish (Mandi Tucker Slack)
Jolene B. Perry
Rebecca Talley
Shirley Bahlmann Biz (Shirley Bahlmann)
Weaving a Tale or Two (Donna K. Weaver)
Rachael Renee Anderson
My Mind Really is in Another World (Sarah E. Bradley)
Shaunna Gonzales

Ladies, to claim the award, you must:

1. Thank the giver and link back to his or her site.
2. Provide seven random facts about yourself.
3. Pass the award to fifteen other blogs, then let them know, and link to their sites.
4. Copy the award logo and paste it on your site.


  1. You're too nice, Marsha.

  2. Marsha -

    You are just SO super cool :D

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thank you, Marsha. I wish I could thank you in person!

  4. Thank you Marsha! What a sweetheart you are!

  5. Thank you so MUCH! You really made my week!

  6. Okay I did everything I thought I was supposed to for this award, but the receiving blogs didn't get the info. There's obviously something I'm missing there. Clue bat?


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