Saturday, August 06, 2011

I'm Writing!

Today I pushed to write the final scene in Spinster's Folly. No, that doesn't mean I've finished the book, just that last scene. There's still a lot to put between where I left off and the ending. However, this scene is powerful! Here's a tidbit from the draft:

"I reckon I love you," Bill said. "I reckon my affection for you began to growin' that first day we met, with you all shocked and discombobulated, with leaves and dirt and such on your dress. Despite your dishevelment, I knew that underneath, you were the most beautiful girl in the world."

"Don't mock me!"

"I'd never do that."

Marie bent her shoulders forward and hugged herself. "I don't want your pity."

Bill sat for a long time, looking down at the hatful of fire. Finally he lifted his head and gazed at Marie. He swallowed, then spoke, his voice steady, but with a marked gentleness. "I bear you no pity. Only the devotion of a revived man who's heart was tore out when you left. It was bruised and battered when your pa told me he was marryin' you to the farmer, but it shattered in pieces when you left with Alderson. I thought never to see you again."

Marie turned her head aside, unwilling to see the hurt in his eyes. "Going with him was my great folly," she said, her tone bitter. "He bore me no love, as he had led me to believe."

"He's nothing but a confidence man, a very practiced confidence man."

Have you ever been seriously betrayed? How did you feel about it?


  1. Well, no, I haven't been in that particular situation before, but I love the tender way you wrote this scene, Marsha. Yay, on writing 2000 words. That's a great accomplishment. And so close to the end of your book, too.

  2. Thanks, Debra! The words just seemed to flow out of my fingertips. That ending was begging to be written. Now to go fill in the middle!

  3. That's awesome about 2,000 words. I just keep cutting and adding. I swear this book will never be done, yet it does seem to make progress. Haha I used to think writing it was the big deal.

    Then I learned about editing. I'm on #10 now (but I have been learning on this project, too). I hope to be a little faster in future projects. =D

  4. Donna, I try to adhere to the "get it all out, then edit" method, but I sometimes go back and tweak a bit before everything's written. I do that especially if I'm interrupted for any length of time, such as happened with that dratted surgery. Mostly, though, if you can stand to do it, pushing through and dumping out all the words until you can see "The End," works very well.

  5. I always feel betrayed when my kids get to the last lemon bar before I do.
    I loved this scene. Ya done good.


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