Thursday, September 03, 2009

It's Still Writer Appreciation Week

I was able to send a note today to an author who had a great deal of influence on me when I was a beginner. His name is Robert Newton Peck, who so kindly corresponded with me for a while in the 80s. You might know him as the author of the middle grade "Soup" books, as well as the classic "A Day No Pigs Would Die." I have two of his three books on the writing craft, and just ordered his third. "Fiction is Folks" taught me a lot about characterizations.

Thank you, Rob Peck!


  1. I googled a Writers Digest instructor I took a class from way back in the early '90s, found an email link for her, and sent her an email. She sent me a lovely reply today. :-)

  2. Thank you Marsha for letting me read the first part of your new book on Saturday! Keep it up! I'll be gone for a couple of weeks maybe you will have another chapter done when I get back!


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