Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Character Note: Bill Henry

Since Bill Henry is going to play a part in the next Owen Family novel, I've come up with some character notes about him that I put into the new novel-writing/project management software I'm going to use for this book. Bill had a card with a picture in the old file, but no notes. I have no idea who the person in the photo is, but I suspect it's from an advertisement. I mostly used bits and pieces of description of Bill from The Man from Shenandoah, in which he was a minor character, to create this character profile.

Hard-working cowman from West Texas, has light brown hair that curls over his shirt collar, and blue eyes. His face is tanned brown, but it's still unseamed. Powerfully built, wears a moustache that droops over the sides of his mouth.

About two years older than Carl, so he was born in 1843. Although he's young, he was the trail boss that trained the Owen men in cattle handling and successfully brought the herd to C.T.

His cousin, Bob Henry, was killed by Frank Tilden when the hands were going after the kidnapped girls in The Man from Shenandoah.

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