Saturday, August 16, 2008

Summer Weekend in the Mountains

This morning, a landing helicopter woke me up at first light.

Yes, I know. I live in a forest, so what was a helicopter doing there?

It's really very understandable. I live about a football field-length from the fire station. When someone has gotten themselves in a medical pickle and has to be airlifted someplace else for treatment, the road through our settlement is blocked off and the med-evac heli lands on the road.

Very exciting, actually. Loads of dust and twigs and other debris flying through the air. Wind whipping the trees, and all that.

The unfortunate being is loaded up, then, ten minutes later, everything is restored to the norm: a quiet place along the highway.

Except on weekends, when the tourists and campers bring ATVs and motorcycles in. And when two more helis have come in today. So far, that is . . .

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