Thursday, July 27, 2006

Why does an elk cross the road?

To show everyone that he's the master of all he surveys, especially the puny vehicles on the highway.

One late afternoon a month or so ago, I was heading out of town (Payson AZ, pop. 15,000) toward home. Just before one reaches Star Valley (the newest town in Arizona), an entry road comes down from The Knolls. As I approached the road, my eye caught sight of a magnificent elk trotting nonchalantly off the high ground and onto the road toward the highway. It was very evident that he wasn't about to stop for the humans and their curious contraptions, so all traffic ceded to his majesty and arrogance (in other words, came to a screeching halt!) as he proceeded across the 260.

What a glorious sight he was! Full rack, broad shoulders, fat brisket, lean legs and all. It was my first view of an elk in broad daylight--although I've been in the midst of a herd at twilight. But that's a tale for another day.

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