Sunday, July 30, 2006

A good writing day

This month I've been doing the recordkeeping and sort of facilitating a BIAM for American Night Writer Association members and guests on our outreach list, anwadiscuss (soon to be renamed ANWAWrite). I kept my goal low, and figured 500 words a day over 25 days of writing would be doable. As always seems to happen to me when I'm keeping score, I couldn't write on schedule. I've only written 10 days out of the past 29, but I've achieved 70% of my goal! Just this evening, I wrote 1673 words. Yahoo! (not the company, the shout.)

I'm feeling pretty good, and making significant progress on my WIP. Of course, since this is flat-out writing with no editing allowed, it may all be puke-green drivel, but I'm piling up words, glorious words! I'm quite happy with my fight scene now (doesn't that sound odd to you non-writers?), and I'm skipping some stretches of the country (my people are on a journey) until later. I've remembered that "if in doubt, skip and come back" is good advice.

I took a walk today, and it's been raining, so maybe the exercise and water therapy is working. I also watched the classic 1940 movie "Brigham Young," and learned in the commentary that some of the scenes were recycled from "The Big Trail," an early John Wayne movie. If you can't do the river crossings live, borrow them from somewhere else, yes? Ha ha.

How long will this euphoria last? Who knows. I'm off my anxiety medication after 8 years, so I may go up and down from now on.

I'll shut up now.

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