Monday, March 27, 2017

From Julia's Kitchen is in Print!

That's right. I just pushed the "Approve" button to enable my POD printer to have the files ready when you order the print edition of From Julia's Kitchen: Owen Family Cookery.

In a few days, the print version will appear on and then on Barnes and, but if you just can't wait, here's a link to CreateSpace. The paperback is priced at $6.99 plus shipping.

Here are comments from a couple of peer reviewers about From Julia's Kitchen: Owen Family Cookery.

"Marsha Ward delivers authenticity and charm with recipes used by her fictional character, Julia. It created a delight of memories of cooking with my grandmother--everything from fruit jelly to lye soap. Well done!"
~Jan Martin, author of Heir of Deceit

"Take a delightful trip back in time with From Julia's Kitchen, using recipes from character Julia Owen. Delicious, basic, and unique!"
~Debra Erfert, author of A Strange Twist of Fate

Go buy your print copy of From Julia's Kitchen right now!

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