Saturday, September 12, 2015

Study Questions for Book 0

I know it's Sample Saturday, but I'm substituting something different for a sample today. Now that you've had a while to purchase and read my novels, I've got a couple of "Study Questions" to throw at you. Today's questions are for Book 0, Gone for a Soldier. If you're brave enough, please post your answers in the comments.

As you read the first chapter of Gone for a Soldier, did you guess correctly what was going on in Rulon's town? What did you think he would do about it? How do you think you would react if a crisis occurred that impacted your community?

Julia Owen makes Rulon a uniform for him to wear to war. Have you ever tried to keep a gift project a secret from someone else? What did you do to hide what you were doing? Did you successfully surprise the intended recipient?

I hope this exercise was interesting to you, because, well, I'm going to throw out more study questions in weeks to come. Have a great day!

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