Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Zion Trail - Sample Saturday

Welcome back to Sample Saturday. In this tidbit, Lije Marshall and part of the family are being sent on an adventure.

On Friday morning, Ma ask Sarah, John, and me to come into the downstairs bedroom, as Pa wanted to speak to us. I glanced at Ma's face as I passed into the room, noting the tense look she made no effort to hide. I felt the clutch of panic squeezing my gut. Was Pa gathering us to bid his final farewell?

As I neared his bedside, I examined his countenance. There was the look of pain therein, but his color was good. I found none of the gray cast that would indicate approaching death. When he spoke, his voice had strength, and I knew relief. Then I paid attention to his words.

"You'll leave at noon today. Elder Caldwell gave me the address of the worship service, which I'll give to your mother. Sarah is to stay to care for my needs. Emily, prepare the food this morning that you'll require during the journey. John, help your brother get the wagon ready."

Pa looked at me, straight into my soul. "Take good care of your mother, Elijah. Lend a good ear at the service. You must tell me all you hear."

Despite his sorry state, Pa was not letting any grass grow before he heeded counsel to guide his family in its religious course. We were being sent to meet other Saints and to learn from them.

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