Monday, February 09, 2015

Madcap Monday - Whitney Finalist!

I set my alarm this morning at 8 a.m. for 10 a.m., so I could wake up and check the website for the Whitney Awards for their Finalist announcement. I thought I would glance over the list of fortunate authors, give a round of "Congratulations!" on Facebook, and then hit the sack again.


Instead, I had to double check that I wasn't hallucinating, because there, in glorious color, was depicted the cover of my latest novel, Gone for a Soldier!

Yes, it's been named a 2014 Whitney Award Finalist for Historical Fiction!

It's now after 1 p.m. and I have yet to get more than two hours of sleep for the nominal Sunday night rest period. But I've been busy hyperventilating, doing the Happy Dance all over Facebook and Twitter, and updating websites.


To make it easy for you to judge for yourself what the hullabaloo is all about, here are a few purchase links:

Gone for a Soldier: Prequel (Book 0) - in print and ebook formats
Print: Amazon | Barnes and Noble | ebooks: Smashwords all formats | Kindle | nook | Kobo | iTunes Bookstore

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