Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Stand Against Plagiarism - Beloved: United! Box Set #3 now available

In July, my friend and fellow author Rachel Nunes learned that someone had stolen her Christian novel, added graphic sex to it, had it for sale as an ebook in the United Kingdom, and was planning to sell it in the United States.

You can read about the personal, professional and emotional turmoil this brought to Rachel and her family, and the resultant legal suit here and in subsequent posts.

People around the globe are aghast at the temerity of the plagiarist, who, it was learned recently, stole the personal and very traumatic recollections of a wounded veteran of a foreign war to use in another of her novels. Many people have banded together to help Rachel fund a lawsuit that, hopefully, will prevent this person from plagiarizing even more writers and authors.

This is going to be an expensive fight. Estimates of the costs begin at $30,000. While Rachel Ann Nunes, the author, has written many novels and is quite popular, the proceeds of her books have gone to help raise a family of seven children. She doesn't have deep pockets, so another writing friend helped her set up a Go Fund Me account here to help raise the necessary money for the suit in federal court. To date, about 20% has been raised. I urge you to click on the link and be as generous as you can to stand against plagiarism. Even five dollars helps, if enough people contribute! (Please spread the word.)

But Rachel wants to give readers another way to stand against plagiarism and get real value for their donations. With the help of willing friends in the writing community who have donated the use of their works, she has created a line of electronic book box sets containing (so far) novellas and full novels. These box sets will only be available for a limited time, so you need to hurry and purchase them soon.

The first, Unseen, contains six spectacular Speculative Novellas.  From futuristic science fiction to romantic fantasy, this set has something for everyone who loves an interesting tale. Authors include Teyla Branton, Andrea Pearson, Stephanie Fowers, Frank Morin, Debra Erfert, and Kathleen Marks.

A second and third box set were released this week. Number Two, Concealed, contains two full-length Mystery novels, one full-length Suspense, and a Bonus Mystery novella, by authors Rachel Branton, Liz Adair, Heather Justesen, and R. L. Tyler. Whether you love romance, mystery, or suspense, this set has something for you.

Number Three, Beloved, contains three Romance novels. Fall in Love with wonderful romances from three popular eras! This collection contains my full-length novel, Spinster's Folly, and novels from Joyce DiPastena and G. G. Vandagriff, as well:

Loyalty’s Web by Joyce DiPastena
Medieval Romance
Heléne de Laurant has not forgotten how the Earl of Gunthar destroyed her father’s castle during Henry II’s war with his sons. Apparently neither have her family and friends, for when someone tries to murder Gunthar, every sign points in their direction. Heléne realizes the only way to prove her loved ones’ innocence is by exposing the true assassin.

As Heléne and Gunthar spar over the identity of the traitor, fierce determination gives way to mutual attraction. Heléne must race against time, and dark secrets of the past, to unmask the would-be killer before the kingdom plunges back into war and takes the life of the man she has unexpectedly learned to love.

Miss Braithwaite’s Secret by G. G. Vandagriff
Regency Romance
When Miss Caroline Braithwaite, the “Incomparable,” leaves London in the middle of the Season, she confides her reason in no one, not even her closest friend. Her sizable court of gentlemen mourn, but no one can tempt her into Society again. Living reclusively in the country, she finally deigns to accept an invitation to her friend’s county house party. Then the Duke of Northcott arrives, fresh from a broken engagement, and none too happy to see her. Caro tries desperately to make her excuses and leave, but then her pride intervenes. Such behavior may reveal her fierce attraction toward him and the fact that it is he who has broken her heart. Deception is at hand in the form of another gentleman who is more than a little interested in her, and looks like he may not take no for an answer. This delicious romance that will carry you back to the Regency period in English history, where manners were dictated by strict rules of fashion. It is the Jane Austen era, populated by gentlemen and ladies of leisure. These books are best enjoyed with a box of chocolates, and are guaranteed to enliven any boredom (ennui) that you may be experiencing!

Spinster’s Folly (The Owen Family Saga) by Marsha Ward
Western Romance
Marie Owen yearns for a loving husband, but Colorado Territory is long on rough characters and short on fitting suitors, so a future of spinsterhood seems more likely than wedded bliss. Her best friend says cowboy Bill Henry is a likely candidate, but Marie knows her class-conscious father would not allow such a pairing. When she challenges her father to find her a suitable husband before she becomes a spinster, he arranges a match with a neighbor’s son. Then Marie discovers Tom Morgan would be an unloving, abusive mate and his mother holds a grudge against the Owen family. Marie’s mounting despair at the prospect of being trapped in such a dismal marriage drives her into the arms of a sweet-talking predator, landing her in unimaginable dangers. This fourth book in the Owen Family saga is infused with potent heart and intense grit.

Don't forget that your purchase of Unseen, Concealed, and Beloved will help Rachel Nunes stand against plagiarism! At the same time, you will be able to stock up on excellent reading pleasure for the Fall. Look for future box sets to come.


  1. It is wonderful to see the writing community give this kind of support. I am also glad that the proper legal steps are being taken. The whole situation is sad.

    1. It is indeed a lamentable situation, Kari. I hope the reading community will respond with the same generosity that the writers have shown.Thanks for your comment!


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