Thursday, September 25, 2014

My New Short Story

Just in time for Halloween, I've published a new short story called Happy Halloween as an ebook.

Although I wrote this piece a number of years ago, this year I took it out, wiped off the grime, spruced it up, made a cover, and finally published it at the appropriate time of year. The ebook is available at both Smashwords, where you can pick up all the formats you need for your devices, and at Amazon, where it's in the Kindle store. It's nicely priced at $0.99. I hope you will enjoy reading it.

Happy Halloween

Mary Beth Larson emerges from the fog of loss in a new location with two young children, determined to start her life again. Glen Hampton and his little kids have already survived their own tragedy. Maybe this Halloween means something besides Trick or Treat. A short story.

Happy Halloween
Smashwords all formats | Kindle

Don't forget that writers and readers appreciate reviews, so after you read, please return to Smashwords or Amazon and leave a review. Putting it up on Goodreads is also appreciated! Thank you!

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