Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Welcome News about Spinster's Folly

I woke up this morning all ready to finish the build/assembly for my computer desk, but first I had to check my email.

That's when I saw this:


"The results of the 2014 International Book Awards have been announced.

"Your book has been honored as a "Finalist" in the "Fiction: Western" category."

"Your book" is my novel, Spinster's Folly, which now has received recognition in three different Literary Award programs.

It was a Finalist in Historical Fiction in the 2012 Whitney Awards;

It was the Winner in Western Fiction in the USA Best Books Awards for 2013;

And now, it's a Finalist in Western Fiction in the 2014 International Book Awards.

Okay, exclamation point time: !!!!!!!!!

Thank you. That felt good.

Needless to say, my plans for the day were slightly derailed (can anything be "slightly" derailed?). It's been another publicity day, spreading the word about my incredible good fortune!

I'm feelin' good!

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