Monday, May 12, 2014

Madcap Monday - May 12, 2014

Hello Readers! Welcome to Madcap Monday!

Today's Madcap Matter is a Free Story on Smashwords. I've reduced the price on the ebook version of my short story, Cottonwood Cowboys, all this week, to ZERO. 

That's correct. All week long you can go to and download Cottonwood Cowboys free of charge.

In this short story, a pair of young men try to fit the unexpected chore of cutting up a fallen cottonwood tree with a two-man saw into their plans to attend a dance on Saturday night.

You can get this story free of charge this week, by going over to and downloading it before Saturday at midnight Mountain Standard Time. Here's the link: You only need a free account at in order to download the story.


Come back by on Wednesday to read a new occasional blog feature, Writer Wednesday, with Anna del Carmen Dye. And on Fresh Book Friday, I'm spotlighting the new novel Imperfect Love, by Rebecca Talley. See you later!

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