Saturday, August 31, 2013

Sweet Saturday Samples - August 31, 2013

Welcome back to Sweet Saturday Samples. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen difficulties, the list and link to it will not be available for a while. I hope our hostess soon gets to a place where she can do it again. I will continue to provide a sample each Saturday.

In this tidbit, Mary Owen deals with an early visitor to her father's store.

On the 19th of August, Mary had conquered her stomach enough to show up for work in good time, and was removing the dustcloths covering the goods set up in the windows when she heard a tap on the front door. She looked out the glass pane to discover Miss Ella Ruth Allen outside, an anxious expression on her face.

Mary unlocked the door and opened it a crack.

"We have not yet begun the day," she said after giving her a brief greeting.

"Please, won't you admit me? Father is on his way to the courthouse and agreed to let me come to buy a trifle if I didn't delay him but five minutes. I haven't a moment to spare. Please?"

The young woman's use of the word 'please' twice impressed Mary as to the urgency of her errand, and she bade her enter. "What trifle did you have in mind to buy?" she asked, turning to the wares.

Ella Ruth raised her shoulders, evidently in a protective motion. "That was a subterfuge," she finally said. "I came for news of Benjamin. Do you have any word? An address where I might write him?"

Mary studied the pinched face, and put out her hand to lay it on Ella Ruth's. "You must compose yourself," she said.

Ella Ruth's face blanched. "Ah! He is gone?" she wailed.

"No. No, no. I merely mean that Mother Owen has not heard from him as yet. However, you may take comfort that his name has not been published on a list."

Ella Ruth sighed raggedly. "Thank you for your kindness."


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