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Sweet Saturday Samples - July 27, 2013

Welcome back to Sweet Saturday Samples. In this scene from my work-in-progress, Gone For a Soldier, Rulon Owen is outfitting himself to seek employment so he can pay the minister to perform his marriage ceremony. I should mention that at this time, the character Marie is about thirteen years old.

"Marie, do we have any of that jerked venison left?" Rulon asked his sister after breakfast.

"I do believe there is a bit down in the cellar," she answered. "Why do you need it?"

"I'm off to look for a job at the Columbia furnace. I reckon I'll stay over and work it, if I get on."

"That sounds reasonable. Don't Pa need you today?"

"The seed is all in the ground, and he's finished shoeing the horses, so I figure he don't."

"You haven't asked him?" she asked as she opened the trapdoor to the cellar.

Rulon fidgeted with his hat. "No. Do I have to account to him for all my comin's and goin's?"

"You do if you're fixin' to go off that-a-way," she said, her voice getting muffled as she descended the ladder.

"Little sis, you're too nosy."

Marie's head reappeared after a moment. "Do you want this, or shall I feed it to the hogs?" She held up a tied bag, but out of his easy grasp.

"I want it."

"Then keep a civil tongue in your head. Apologize."

"I'm sorry. You're growin' taller every day."

"Rulon! I mean say you're sorry for callin' me nosy. That's Julianna's domain."

He laughed. "You have the right of that. I am sorry I called you nosy. I'll speak to Pa. Now, can I have the jerky?"

Marie held out her hand for a boost up the last rungs, and Rulon gave her the assist. She pushed the trapdoor into place and turned to face him. "Here it is. You'd best start mindin' your tongue real close if you think to take a wife. You can't call her names."

Rulon raised his eyebrows. "I don't intend to, unless you mean 'darling' and 'dear' and the like. I plan to use them real often."

"You are incorrigible!"

"Am not. Where's the respect due me, sis?"

"For what?" she scoffed. "Bein' born first? That's purely happenstance. I was likely busy tendin' the Angel Gabriel's fire, or I would have come first."

"You don't say." Rulon put the bag into a pocket and grinned at his sister. "You've got a lively imagination, I'll give you that."

Marie stuck out her tongue. "Off with you. Talk to Pa. I don't want him stomping through the kitchen with muddy boots because he's cross with you."

Rulon laughed, and took himself out of the house to speak with his father.


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  1. She's certainly a feisty teenager :-) love the chat between the siblings.

    1. Thanks, Sherry! As you may already know, Marie is the subject of my last-published novel, SPINSTER'S FOLLY.

  2. Great brother/sister rapport and scene building here. I felt like I was sitting right here with them. You've piqued my interest and I want more of this story.

    1. Thank you, Jean. I'm writing as fast as I can! It's great fun to discover more about these characters.

  3. I like the interaction between the two...the dialogue feels real and shows us a glimpse of their lives.


    1. Thanks, Laurel-Rain! Appreciate the visit. I'll come visit your sample soon.


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