Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sweet Saturday Samples - July 20, 2013

Welcome back to Sweet Saturday Samples. In this sample, on his way to war, Rulon Owen relies on the kindness of strangers:

Soon a fine meadow that stretched off the road a ways drew his attention. The lowering sun glinted on water beyond. Beside the meadow stood a barn and other outbuildings, and near to a chicken coop, a house, white paint gleaming on half the boards, occupied the space at the head of a lane.

He reined the horse off the road, followed the path, and halted in the dooryard.

"Hello," he called. "Anybody home?"

A full-bearded man stepped out of the barn and approached. "Hallo," he said, his deep voice easily pushing through the mass of facial hair. "What might I do for you?"

Rulon doffed his hat. "I was seekin' a camp spot for the night and noticed your fine pasture over yonder. May I bed down alongside the river?"

"Going off to be a soldier, are you?"

Rulon nodded. "I am. Enlisting tomorrow."

"It will be my honor to have your company on the place, Mr.?

"Rulon Owen, Mount Jackson."

"Mr. Owen. I am Helmut Strauss. You will sup with us tonight, if you please."

The man offered his hand, and Rulon gave him his.

"Many thanks, Mr. Strauss." He looked around the farmstead. "Have any chores I can do?"


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  1. That sounds wonderful! I want to read more!

    1. Thank you, Julie. This is a work in progress, GONE FOR A SOLDIER. I hope to have it finished by fall. Wish me luck!

      I appreciate your visit. Come again next Saturday.

  2. Love the way you write!


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