Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sweet Saturday Samples - June 22, 2013

Welcome back to Sweet Saturday Samples. My goodness, this week has sped by. Okay, this entire month has sped by, and I'm not ready for the events of next week! 

Today I'm sharing a tiny snippet from Mary Owen's perspective. This is from my WIP, Gone for a Soldier. I hope you find it interesting.

Mary held her belly and bent double, gasping at the force of the kick the creature inside her had dealt.  Surely this child was a boy. No female could be so unruly.

She straightened with care, then grasped the supportive back of the chair beside her. Two weeks gone since she had last written to Rulon, and no letter had come back in that time. Was he even alive? Perhaps he was too busy to think of her. Or . . . perhaps the rumors she had heard of "camp followers" setting up tents— No! Those boys whispering outside the store, what did they know? She wouldn't pay heed to them. She couldn't.

But the black thoughts continued. Rulon had needs. What had he called them? She searched through her swirling mind to remember her wedding day. Lustful yearnings. Yes. Very powerful yearnings. The two of them had spent a good deal of time assuaging his needs before their honeymoon days were spent. How could he set those urges aside now?

Another strong message from her babe demanded her attention, and for the moment, her body's needs prevailed over thoughts about Rulon's.

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  1. Poor Mary! What a time to be alone. Hope there's someone nearby to help her. Great sample.

    1. Hi Patty. Yes, Mary is living at her folks' home, so she has help. It could be a case of too many fingers in the pie, as it turns out. :-)

  2. When a baby is that active before it's born, it's a sure sign that it will never stop moving when it is. Mary is in for a rough time.

    1. I agree, Joselyn. Thanks for the comment!


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