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Sweet Saturday Samples - May 25, 2013

Welcome back to Sweet Saturday Samples. I'm sorry to be late this week. Circumstances combined to keep me occupied elsewhere.

This is an unfinished scene early in my WIP, Gone for a Soldier, where Rulon Owen is sure he's going to miss the war entirely if he can't get enlisted in a cavalry unit. I hope you enjoy the tidbit.

When Rulon came in from the outdoors before supper, Pa sat near the fireplace, reading the newspaper Rulon had brought from town.

Rulon took a seat on a stool. "Pa, are you about finished with the paper?" he asked, drumming his fingers on his knees.

Pa looked up. "Not quite. What has you all-fired curious to read the news?"

Rulon cleared his throat, not once, but twice. Pa continued looking at him. Rulon glanced at his father's face, then away, and cleared his throat a third time. When he could no longer fail to respond, he said, "I'm seeking a cavalry company to join." He swallowed, avoiding his father's eyes entirely now. "I figured the paper would have word about a company or two being formed."

"Cavalry, you say?"

"I been raised up with horses all my life long, Pa. I reckon it's natural I go to war ridin' one."

Pa nodded. "Good reasoning." He held out the paper. "Take a look, then."

Rulon devoured the columns of print, moving his forefinger down each article. In a few moments, he flicked the paper with his nail in disgust. "There's nothing."

"Nothing in the county?"

"Yes. I can't fathom it."

"There are several infantry companies forming up, one right over in Mount Jackson."

"I don't admire the thought of trudging along on the ground. I prefer to ride."

Pa shifted in his chair. "Did you take notice of the mention of the Harrisonburg Cavalry?"

"They're mustering on the twenty-second next month."

"Would you consider enrolling with them?"

"We're a far piece away from Harrisonburg. I doubt they'd take me, not being from Rockingham County."

"Their captain is Tom Yancey."

Rulon stared at his father, not making a connection between his comments.

"The Yanceys are kin of ours. Not close kin, but cousins, none the less."

Rulon straightened. "I'd forgotten."

"I can write a letter, if you'd like."

"It might go down better if I write."

Pa considered that, and finally nodded. "You have the right of it. Let me tell you the family connection."

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  1. I hadn't considered the possibility of a man not finding the kind of military group he wished to join in the area he lived. Though now that I think about it, it makes sense. :)

    1. Thanks, Rachel. I was surprised to discover that no cavalry unit was raised or already existed as militia in Shenandoah County. It made me think hard about how Rulon was to get where he needed to be. Lots of research ensued!

  2. I'm glad Pa's being supportive.

    1. Me too! Usually he's so heavy-handed. I wanted to show him in a good light as he interacted with his eldest son.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I love Civil War stories, hope you get this published so we can read the whole story!!!

    1. You're welcome! I have a publisher, so it's just a matter of getting the book written and produced.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting.


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