Friday, March 15, 2013

Blog Tour: Another Visit with YA Author Tamara Hart Heiner

I last interviewed Tamara Hart Heiner back on June 21 of 2012 when her previous YA book, Altercation, come out. Now her new book, Inevitable, is being spotlighted in a blog tour.

Tamara lives in Arkansas with her husband and three children, two crazy boys and one pretty little princess. She used to spend a lot of time writing until she had a baby and discovered Facebook. Now you'll often find her on there pretending to have a social life.

She graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in English. She is also the author of Perilous, the prequel to Altercation. Besides writing, she enjoys all things food, especially baking. You can find out more about what she is writing, and catch deleted scenes from her books on her blog, Chasing Dreams. She also has a Book Giveaway going until April 2, 2013, at

Here's the description of Inevitable:

Visions of death plague Jayne, who thinks watching her boyfriend die is the worst that could happen to her. But when she witnesses a murder, Jayne finds herself caught up in a dangerous world of intrigue and suspense.

As it turns out, she is not the only one doing the stalking. The killer is on to her, and all of her visions of the dying don't reveal how her life will end. Somehow, she must stop the murderer before he arranges Jayne's own inevitable death.

That sounds intriguing, and scary! Let's see what Tamara has to say.

ME: Hello again, Tamara. Thank you for being my guest today. If you could give your book to only one person, who would it be and why?

THH: Probably my husband. I'd want him to see what I'd written.

ME: I guess our spouse is always the first person we authors want to impress. I understand you outline your books before you begin writing them. Some writers start their books at the beginning and keep on going until they reach the end, or write linearly. Others start with a scene in the middle and jump around in their writing until they have enough material to edit together. How do you write your books?

THH: I always outline each chapter first. My outlines are basic to allow for flexibility, but it's important for me to know I have enough material for a book and how the book is going to end. If I have multiple point-of-view characters, I write their stories at one time so that I can immerse myself in their thoughts and voices before moving on to the next.

ME: That's an interesting way of getting the job done. Do you have a particular goal you aim to achieve with your writing?

THH: Um... Not really. Finishing is always very important. :)

ME: Absolutely! When we can do that, we're taking a big first step out of the ranks of the want-to-be-authors. Tell me, do you write with music playing? If so, is the music likely to be songs with lyrics or only instrumentals?

THH: No. I need complete silence when I'm writing. Music distracts me.

ME: Me too. I can listen to music to set the mood, but once I begin writing, I have to turn the music off. What would you say is the most challenging part to you about being an author?

THH: Finding time, energy, and desire to market. It would be nice if we could just keep on writing while our books get bought up by people.

ME: [laughing] Wouldn't that be marvelous? How do you want to be remembered, 1) as an author; 2) as a person?

THH: I'm already pretty well known as a person. It would be nice to have everyone see me as an author.

ME: Thank you again, Tamara. Good luck with your book sales!

Inevitable is available on,, Barnes &, and

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  1. Thanks for having me, Marsha! I enjoyed doing the interview!


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