Thursday, February 07, 2013

As Phil Robertson would say, "Happy, Happy, Happy!"

Okay, so one of my Guilty Pleasures is watching "Duck Dynasty" on A&E. The patriarch of the Robertson clan, Phil Robertson, is wont to make the comment I allude to in the title above, on the state of well-being of his fellowmen who follow the simple life.

I'm pretty simple, but I do have certain aspirations and desires. One is to be recognized, if my writing has any worth at all.

Today I received an email from a friend. It had a link in it. Before I deleted it as spam, I glanced at the link, and recognized it. It was to the Announcement of the Finalists for the Whitney Awards.

I didn't delete it. I clicked it. And there, in the second row, was the book cover for Spinster's Folly!

Okay, so it really shows this one, the cover for the ebook version:

At any rate, besides being overwhelmed, flummoxed, and having a tight throat from emotional response, I'm

Happy, Happy, Happy!


  1. Congratulations, hope you win. By the way I love Duck Dynasty.

    “If you are going to do something wrong, at least do it quickly.”
    Jase Robertson –Duck Dynasty

  2. Congrats and good luck in the finals!


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